SEO Question and Answer

Question. What is website Reviews?
Ans: In Website reviews: Before start SEO on the site we review what type of people we need to target for business, products or services. In this process search engine optimizer understands the site requirements and suggests keyword to promote for the website.

Question. What Is Keywords Research?

Ans: Keywords Research is a process to find the best keyword related to your target market for your Business, Services and products. Keyword Research is very important to promote a website. In generally all SEO use Google adwords , wordtracker.com, Keywords Research tool .

Question.What are general things to be add on a commercial Site?


• Send an email box.
• Contact Number - Mobile Number & Land line number + County Code
• Contact option like “ Skype , Gtalk , Msn, and Yahoo, messenger
• Contact Form (Request a quote)
• Carrier Page (Jobs opening)
• Feed back
• Copyright ©
• Logo with Site Name
• Search Box
• Could Tag
• Privacy Notice Page
• Rates & Price page
• Video of Product & Site
• Google Location Map
• Blog where user can Comment
• RSS Feed
• Bookmark and Share (adthis.com)
• Affiliate page
• Add URL (Submit Link)
• Partner sites Links (Reciprocal Link Page)
• Customer Page (Testimonials Page)
• Discount Coupon when user revisit to Site
• Why Choose Us Page
• Payment Methods Page
• General Site Related FAQs Page
• Live Support
• Stay connected with Facebook & Twitter Logo
• Customer Security (Mcaffe & Godaddy.com ) & more other

Question.Why Need SEO Services for online business?


• To get rank on search engines.
• To make site updates on page & off pages.
• To increment in valuable visitors.
• To over take competitor business.
• To make future approach for business.
• To follow search engines algorithms for site.
• To make site more search engine friendly
• To check daily progress of online business.
• To increment in domain cost.
• Social media optimization (Facebook, Twitter)


Most Important On-page optimization According (Pawan Gaur )

Title : 60 to 65 characters

Description: Character limits - currently Google displays up to 160 characters, Yahoo! up to 165 and MSN up to 200+ (they'll go to three vertical lines in some cases). Stick with the smallest - Google - and keep those descriptions at 160 characters (including spaces) or less.

Body Text on the top optimization for site
Include main keywords in name of the image& alt tag
Java script file Name : Keywords.Js
Css file Name: Keywords.css
Absolute Linking – in all pages (In this section we we use exact path url starting from
http://www.sitenam/rfetet.html in internal coding
Url rewriting – include all site links page
Site map creation
Rss feed
Meta Code (Google robots & googlebot)
Resource page
Meta Keywords
Web page Load timing
Page size
Author tag
Copy right section (Using Copyscape)
Email id creation for links page.
Title & description optimization of site